Parenting Co-ordination

Has your family separated and a parenting plan or orders have been finalised? Has there been a history of high conflict and now you’re left feeling like the parenting plan or orders are suppose to be some magical fix that makes you and your ex-partner communicate better? Parenting Co-ordination may be the solution you’re searching for to assist you to implement the plan or orders.

The service is not counselling, therapy or legal representation and is not designed to be costly when compared to legal proceedings.  Parenting Co-ordination is a hybrid dispute resolution service provided by highly trained and skilled practitioners who aim to improve communication by coaching co-parents to reduce parental conflict and reliance on the legal system.  Parenting Co-ordination is a child-centred process that aims to provide a stabilising presence for separated families during the adjustment period.

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Family Dispute Resolution

This type of mediation is child-centred for parents who have decided to separate.  The session is not counselling, rather it is a separation service that facilitates discussions about important topics to reach agreements about living arrangements, education, activities and other important elements for a child’s development. It requires a specialist practitioner who has completed additional training and must be registered with the Attorney-General’s Department as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP).

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Property and Commercial Disputes

Family Property

During the life of a marriage or partnership, it is likely assets are accumulated. This might be real estate, vehicles, boats, bank accounts, superannuation and even pets. If the marriage or partnership ends, the property pool will need to be considered and an agreement reached about the best method to distribute the assets. Depending on the complexity of the pool, parties may wish to consider engaging an accountant and lawyer to assist them to prepare.

Other Property Disputes

The operation of commercial and residential leases as well as the terms of sale relating to real estate or machinery may lead to disputes about ongoing commitments or settlement. At Mediator Hub our accredited mediators take an impartial role to encourage the parties to negotiate terms that create certainty for the future operation of the professional relationship.

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Workplace Disputes

Despite an organisation’s best efforts and practices to implement conditions and policies to address expectations proactively, workplaces are not always harmonious. Bullying, harassment, discrimination and other allegations of serious misconduct as well as termination and redundancies are likely to occur at some time over the course of an organisations’ operations.

If managed poorly, this can have a devastating consequence that can lead to criminal allegations, dismissal processes and damage to reputation for an organisation or an employee. A truly independent third-party accredited mediator will assist the parties to discuss perceptions, intentions and future expectations that lead to resolution and changed behaviours.

The primary aim of our workplace mediations is to facilitate discussions that promote increased engagement, commit to safer outcomes and restore workplace relations.

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Community Disputes

Neighbourhood disputes can give rise to arguments about trees, fences, noise, use and erection of structures external to or extended from domestic dwellings.  Apartment living requires that residents observe Owners Corporation or Body Corporate rules. If this is managed by a committee of members who reside in the building, outcomes can be perceived as unfair or bias for the lack of true independence from the dispute.

An accredited mediator, with no vested interest in the matter may assist to facilitate a process that is fair.

Our neighbourhood mediation services can help to lead respectful discussions to mutually solve the problem and restore neighbourhood relations for harmonious living.

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